Baltoil AS is 23 years old company from Estonia which is specialized in blending and packaging of oils and chemicals. We are constantly developing new products with leading European chemical and additive manufacturers and as well with Institute of Physics and Chemistry at University of Tartu. Collaboration of selected universities and enterprises will create opportunities for successful manufacturing and sales. All the necessary equipment delivering a competent certificates for the products are presented. 90% of the products are exported to the foreign EU countries.

We are specialized in eco-packaging. For example: 3 liter bag package which is available in a self-service display pallet for stores.
We can blend and pack products with sizes 40, 65, 100, 200, 500 ml and 1, 1.5, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20, 200, 1000 liters.
Our packaging capacity is more than 10 million liters per year. We pack all the major automotive chemicals, oils, detergents, solvents, wood care products, liquid laundry detergents, bio-products and other related products.
We are constantly looking for new partners for private label production. We offer a professional and high quality service for both small and large product batches.
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