BaltOil team comprises highly qualified specialists in materials science, chemistry and nanotechnology. Synergistically structured, company provides services ranging from development of novel innovative products to complete technological solutions. We are constantly developing new products with leading European chemical and additive manufacturers and as well with Institute of Physics and Chemistry at University of Tartu. Our labs are equipped with modern top-level analytical instruments. Each product has EU certificate according to the requirements.

New nanotechnology production – nano additives can be expanded for many products, thereby improving the active effect drastically.

Modern production conditions (computer automated production lines) and the synergy of highest level knowledge makes BaltOil production innovative in a large scale assortment of products.

All nano oil products are thoroughly tested by four ball tribometer and all tests comply with inter- nationally recognized standards ASTM D 2266 and ASTM D4172.The certificates are available to all nano products



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